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This websites listed below are intended to give information regarding Common Core. The links contained here will take you directly to the website but while you are there you may see other interesting links to additional information.

General Information

Common core in a nutshell
Simple Tips
Education, the Brain and Common Core State Standards
Nine Ways the Common Core Will Change Classroom Practice
Charlotte Danielson on Teaching and the Common Core

What everyone needs to know about the Common Core infographic.

Parents Information

A Parent's Guide to the Common Core Standards
Parent's Guide to the Common Core

Lesson Information

Components of a Common Core Lesson
Inquiry, Curiosity, Exploration and the Common Core
Wondering how to put Common Core into practice? It’s easier than you think.

Text Complexity

It's Complicated
The Challenge of Challenging Text
What’s the Big Deal about Text Complexity?

Close Reading

What Close Reading Actually Means
Tips for Teaching Close Reading
Common Core & Close Reading: An Outcome not a Reading Strategy
How to Do a Close Reading
Connecting to the Common Core: Close Reading Markup Strategies

Fiction/Nonfiction Reading

How Fiction and Nonfiction Can Interact in the Classroom.(Pod cast)
Reading in Science Class
Teaching Students to Analyze Complex Nonverbal Texts
Strategies for Struggling Readers(Long but worth a look)
Deconstructing Nonfiction
Summarize to Get the Gist


The Role of Questioning in a World of Common Core
How to Design Text Based Questions


A Writer's Roadmap

Additional Information

Teaching Argument vs Evidence
Library of Congress(If you have never taken the time to check out this awesome resource, you should.)
What English classes should look like in Common Core era
Teaching Common Core Literacy Standards in History Classes
Be in charge of your own professional development. Join edWeb. Join a CCSS community and learn from it.
Teaching Channel Videos
If you haven't heard of Creative Commons licensing yet, you should take the tiime to familiarize yourself and your students with it. Here is A Very Handy CCPoster to get you started.