Welcome to the Swatara Middle School library. You have been given an introduction to the library as an overview of what services the library can provide you during your time at Swatara. You should now understand how and when you are able to visit the library during your school day and how to check out books. To better understand how Destiny can help you and your school work watch the Follett intro video

During the class part of your introduction, you were shown the online book catalog. At this time as an introduction to using the library catalog, you will be able to take some time and explore the interesting aspects of Destiny Quest and Follett Shelf. Destiny Quest will allow you to search for books, create lists of books for yourself and recommend books to your friends. You will also be able to write reviews of books that you have read.

Follett Shelf is our ebook catalog. These can be read at anytime and anywhere and on most devices.

Upon completion of these topics, you will be able to search for books within the library, put books on hold and/or read from your device.


As you proceed through these lessons, please do the following:

  • Read all goals and outcomes for these topics
  • Read all materials posted within the topics
  • Complete all tasks that are assigned.

Goals and Objectives


During this unit, students will:
  • Learn about Destiny Quest
  • Create a friend request
  • Search for a book
  • Write an appropriate review or recommendation
  • Learn about your digital footprint
  • Learn about Follett Shelf


Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:
  • Use Destiny Quest to search for a book
  • Use Destiny Quest to write an appropriate book review or recommendation
  • Use Follett Shelf to search and download an ebook


Topic 1 Fig.1

Library pic1.jpg
Getting to know Destiny Quest

Destiny Quest is the library catalog. It is similar to the Destiny page you are use to using but Destiny Quest allows you to log in for a more enriching experience. Once logged in, you have more control of your account. This is a great place to keep track of books you currently have checked out as well as keeping track of books you have read or want to read. You will be able to make friend requests and with these requests you will be able to recommend books to them. You will also have the ability to write reviews for books that you have read.

For the first part of this lesson, watch the attached webcast (assignment 1) for a quick overview of Destiny Quest. Once you are finished watching, log into Destiny Quest and navigate around the site. While in there, go to the screen that allows you to do a friend request and send a request to someone. A word of caution, all friend requests, notes and book reviews come to the librarian for approval. Please make sure all communication is appropriate. Keeping communication clean while online is one way to keep a clean digital footprint. We will share more of this in the next topic.

Topic 2 Fig. 2
Library pic3.jpg

Navigating a book record
Now that you had some time to navigate around the site, let’s use this site for its true purpose, finding books. There are a few ways to do this. First is the visual search. Visual icons represent different subjects. Click on them to narrow your choices. Second, the advanced search. This type of search will allow you to add some keywords to your search to help narrow down your choices. Lastly, the simple search. This uses the box on the main page. You simply type in what you are looking for. It can be an author, title or subject.

Once your selections come up, on the left hand side you will see choices to narrow your search. Title choices will appear in the middle. Hover over any title and a Quick Detail pops up. If you want to see the full record, click on the book title. From the full record there are several options for you. Take some time to explore.

As an assignment for this topic, (assignment 2) you will write a review for any book of your choice. This can be a book that you are going to read, currently reading or have recently read. Your review should be at least 3 sentences explaining why you did or did not like the book. Your explanations should be appropriate for a school setting. The librarian receives all reviews and must approve them prior to posting. We require that all postings created by students are appropriate because as students post to social media sites, upload pictures and other content, they are creating a digital footprint. This is something that perspective colleges and employers can search for and use to decide if you are an appropriate choice for their school or place of employment. This is why it is important to make good habits when going online.

Topic 3 Fig. 3

Learning about Follett Shelf and ebooks
Library pic2.jpg
Now that you have searched around Destiny Quest for books that are located in the library, we are going to look at Follett Shelf which holds our ebooks. (assignment 3) Ebooks are a great way to read books without having to physically carry the book. The ebooks can be downloaded on most devices and taken anywhere. If you find an ebook you want is already checked out you can put it on hold. The other great feature is that you never have to worry about another late book. Once the due date is reached, the system automatically returns it. No more overdue library books!! There are some pretty cool features that come with our ebooks.For instance you can highlight passages, take notes and bookmark pages for later reading. Another cool feature are the apps that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet that support Follett Shelf. With these, you can be anywhere and download or search for a book. If you are interested in this, visit your app store and download them to your device.

1. Watch the Destiny Quest Screen Cast
Log into Destiny Quest. Navigate around and make a friend request.

2. Watch the webcast on navigating the book records
Log into Destiny Quest, search for a book
Write a book review for a book you have read or are currently reading (minimum 3 sentences)

3. Watch the webcast on Follett Shelf
Log into Destiny Quest and go into Follett Shelf to search for a book.
Check out a book or put one on hold


Read this article on Digital Footprints


Once you have tried Destiny Quest and Follett Shelf, log into the discussion area and answer the following: (answers should be a minimum of 50 words for each)

1. What problems did you encounter while navigating through Destiny Quest?

2. Describe the feature you found to be the most helpful.

3. Explain how creating a positive digital footprint is important with today’s technology.

4. How can having access to ebooks make things easier at school?


Your grade will be based on completing the tasks above.
20 points for each of the assignments
10 points for each discussion.


Fig.1: Swatara Library, Author photo, 15, October 2014.
Fig.2: Bookshelves Swatara Library, Author photo, 15, October 2014.
Fig.3: Computers Swatara Library, Author photo, 15, October 2014.
End Notes
Ferguson, Ellen. (2009). Digital footprints: What are digital footprints? Retrieved from