Cyber Safety for Middle School
As students enter and move through middle school, many changes are taking place. Among them are the seeking independence and social acceptence. During this time students' use of the Internet and other electronic devises also increases. Listen to the news or search for statistics and you will find that while most students this age are less inhibited about what they post or text, the need to make them responsible cyber citizens is as important as ever.
Here are some tips to help children who are surfing the web, a little safer:

Have the computer in a main room so it can be monitored.
Encourage your child to report anything they feel uneasy about. As a parent, do not overreact. Children are less likely to confide in you next time.
Use parental controls and filters
Check the history, bookmarks and favorites.
Create passwords that are difficult to figure out
  • Avoid using names, birth dates or any part of your SSN.
  • Avoid using a dictionary word
  • Use a word with at least 8 characters
  • Use a word with a mix of UPPER, lower case letters, numbers and symbols. (ex. HoU$Se22)
  • Use a phrase and take the first letters

Helpful Cyber Safety Information for parents
Teen Cyber Safety PDF
Tween Cyber Safety PDF
Parent info PDF--- Great Resource!!!
Microsoft Cyber Safety Information
Numerous Cyber SafetyResources

Become a good digital citizen!!!!

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